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Emma Langton Ltd

Emma Langton is a leadership and wellbeing expert who partners with housing organisations to develop leaders and enhance performance, engagement, and retention across the entire organisation. She understands how great leadership positively impacts wellbeing and uses high level coaching techniques alongside engaging, interactive training to help her clients be impactful leaders and bring out the best in others.


Reviews and recommendations frequently say that Emma is practical, down to earth, engaging and relatable. She is known for her straight-talking Yorkshire style.

Emma has been in business for over 10 years and prior to that, she was employed in national and multi-national training and communications companies. Adopting two girls with additional needs gave her first-hand experience of negotiation life’s difficulties and how it impacts wellbeing. The powerful combination of personal and professional experience means she is ideally placed to understand individual needs whilst bearing in mind the strategic need and direction of the organisation.

Emma regularly demonstrates her expertise as a speaker and commentator on leadership and wellbeing issues in the press, on panels and at live events.