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  • How do I apply for a house?

    All applications for Housing Executive (NIHE) AND housing association properties should be made through the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE).

    A housing application form must be completed from which your circumstances will be assessed and you will be awarded points. You will then be placed onto the housing list and your amount of points will determine where on the list you will be.

    For more information or to request an application please contact the NIHE on 034 48 920 900 or click on Northern Ireland Housing Executive.

  • What is the waiting list?

    The waiting list (also known as Housing Selection Scheme or Common Selection Scheme) makes provision for determining the order in which prospective tenants are allocated social housing in Northern Ireland.

    The rules of the scheme detail the criteria used in relation to the assessment of points used to rank applicants. A Housing Needs Assessment is based on four categories:

    • Intimidation;
    • Insecurity of tenure;
    • Housing conditions; and
    • a Health and Social Well Being Assessment.

    Points may be awarded in relation to any of these categories if appropriate.

    For more information or to request an application please contact the NIHE on 034 48 920 900 or click on Northern Ireland Housing Executive.

  • How do I apply for Housing Benefit?

    Housing Benefit is a social security benefit paid by the Housing Executive. It helps people on a low income pay their rent and rates. You do not need to be unemployed to get Housing Benefit. All applications and inquiries for Housing Benefit must be made through the NIHE / 034 48 920 902.

  • How do I apply for a transfer?

    All social housing tenants wishing to transfer from a housing association or housing executive house must complete the housing transfer form.

    If you wish to transfer from an exisiting Housing Executive house you should contact the NIHE on 034 48 920 900.  They will make an appointment for you to be visited.

    If you are a housing association tenant wishing to transfer you should contact your housing association directly with regard to your transfer application.

  • Who do I contact if I feel someone has received a housing association home inappropriately?

    Housing Associations make housing allocations from the housing list which is held by the NIHE. If you feel someone has given the wrong information on their housing application to the NIHE to help acquire a house please contact the NIHE directly with your complaint. T: 034 48 920 902 or online form: NIHE Feedback.

  • Would a housing association purchase my home / land?

    An association may purchase your home / land but this would depend on many factors including funds available for the association to purchase, also if the association has a need for your particular type of house or your land in your particular area. Housing associations will look at estate agent listings when looking to purchase so the best advice is to make sure you have your property registered with your local estate agents.

  • What are my rights when renting a housing association house in Northern Ireland?

    If you rent your home from a housing association or the Housing Executive you have a legal agreement with your housing provider. This gives you rights andresponsibilities.  Please ensure you read your tenancy agreement closely when you move in.

    Not all housing association tenants have the same protection from eviction. Introductory tenants can be evicted more easily than secure housing association tenants. If you want further information please click on: Housing Association Tenancies

  • What are housing associations’ responsibilities?

    Your housing association usually has a number of responsibilities to you as your landlord.  Check your tenancy agreement if you are unsure about your housing association’s responsibilities.  If you are unhappy with the housing association’s service you may be able to use their complaints procedure.

    Your housing association should not normally interfere in your tenancy arrangements so long as you keep to the terms of your tenancy agreement.

    Your housing association will usually have to:

    • carry out repairs to the structure and outside of the accommodation
    • decorate the outside of the accommodation at least once every seven years
    • give you permission to keep lodgers, sublet, transfer or exchange your accommodation if the request is reasonable
    • investigate why you are behind in your rent before starting legal proceedings for rent arrears
  • What are your responsibilities as a tenant?

    Your responsibilities to your housing association are outlined in your tenancy agreement. You can also find information on your responsibilities in your Tenant’s Handbook.

    In general you must:

    • pay the rent and rates when due
    • keep the property in good condition
    • repair anything that your tenancy agreement states is your responsibility
    • replace any items damaged because of neglect or carelessness
    • report any repairs to the housing association
    • not carry out antisocial behaviour
    • leave the property in good condition when you leave your tenancy.

    You must ask the housing association for permission if you want to:

    • exchange your accommodation
    • transfer your accommodation
    • sublet your accommodation
    • decorate the outside of your accommodation
    • make alterations to your accommodation
    • add a shed or loft
    • keep more than one domestic pet.

    Get advice if you are unsure about your responsibilities.  If you think you may not be able to meet your responsibilities, such as paying your rent on time, contact your housing association as soon as possible.

  • How do I make a complaint about a housing association?

    All housing associations have complaints procedures which need to be followed. These can usually be found on the specific associations’ website or you can contact them directly to request these.

    In extreme circumstances where you have already followed ALL of the association’s procedures and you are still not happy you can take your complaint to the ombudsman.

    A: The Ombudsman, Freepost BELFAST BT1 6BR
    Freephone: 0800 34 34 24


    Online form


    T: 028 9023 3821
    F: 028 9023 4912

    Please note the ombudsman will only deal with your complaint if you have exhausted all of the Associations complaints procedures.

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