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IT Consultant (to develop an IT Strategy) Alpha Housing

  • Closing Date: 23 October 2023
Work with NIFHA

Alpha Housing wishes to appoint a suitably qualified IT consultant to develop an IT Strategy for the five years beginning on 1st April 2024 that is aligned with and will support delivery of our corporate objectives, ultimately leading to better outcomes for tenants. The IT Strategy will be supported by a risk assessed, timebound implementation plan and indicative budget. Full details of the contract, the tender requirements and the evaluation process are set out in the attached Invitation to Tender.

Tenders providing all information and documentation requested, which is detailed in the Invitation to Tender, must be received by 12 noon on 23rd October 2023 and be submitted by email to Averil McKeown. Tenders received after this deadline cannot be accepted and will not be progressed to the next stage of the process.

Additional information or explanation can be requested by email.