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Internal Audit Services Craigowen Housing Association

  • Closing Date: 3 August 2023
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You are invited to submit a tender for the provision of Internal Audit Services to Craigowen Housing Association Limited (“Craigowen”).  Instructions for the submission of your tender are detailed below:

  • Tenders must be received by 12 noon on Thursday 3rd August 2023.   Tenders must be submitted electronically to:
  • Closing Date for Receipt of Tenders is: 12 noon Thursday 3rd August 2023
  • After the closing date and time has passed, late submissions will not be accepted.
  • Applicants must answer all questions as accurately and concisely as possible in the same order as the questions are presented. Where a question is not relevant to the applicant’s organisation, this should be indicated, and an explanation provided.
  • All documentation must be completed and submitted in English.
  • Applicants must be explicit and comprehensive in their responses to the ITT as it will be the single source of information on which responses shall be scored and ranked.
  • All requests for clarification or further information in respect of this ITT, or any questions about the procurement process, should be submitted via email to William McCreight, General Manager.
  • If Craigowen considers any question or request for clarification to be of material significance, both the question and the response will be communicated, in a suitably anonymous form, to all applicants who have responded; have expressed an interest; or those that show an interest before the closing date for the submission of the tender.
  • The successful tenderer(s) shall be required to execute a formal contract with Craigowen and until such execution, the successful tender(s), together with Craigowen’s written acceptance, shall form a binding agreement.
  • Tenders are required to be kept open for acceptance for a period of 120 days from the closing date for submission of tenders.
  • The Service Provider shall be deemed to have satisfied itself before submitting its tender as to the accuracy and sufficiency of the rates and prices stated in the tender which shall (except in so far as is otherwise provided in the contract) cover all the Service Provider’s obligations under the contract. The Service Provider shall be deemed to have obtained for itself all necessary information as to risks and any other circumstances which might reasonably influence or affect the Service Provider’s tender.

Craigowen is not bound to accept the lowest or any tender, nor will Craigowen be liable for expenses incurred in the preparation of the tender.

William McCreight, General Manager