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Prestige Products

Prestige Products are suppliers of MailGUARD / MailGUARD+Plus Fireproof letterbox security products.

A letterbox is an important part of most homes. Whilst you need to receive mail, letterboxes can leave your property vulnerable to crime and anti-social behaviour. Our products are a simple and effective way to improve home security and reduce the fear of crime.

MailGUARD is an ideal product for protection against anti-social behaviour such as fireworks and other ignition sources being introduced through the letterbox.
MailGUARD+Plus is recommended where there is an extreme threat to life. Incorporating a Heat Detection Tube which is instantly activated by heat from any ignition source, releasing extinguishant, quickly and effectively putting out any fire.

These products also carry the SBD accreditation. Be assured that these products have been tested to the highest standards.

  • 70 Beaulieu Drive Stone Cross Pevensey East Sussex BN24 5DN