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Newington Housing Association

For four decades, Newington Housing Association has operated in the North Belfast area providing high quality homes for families, the elderly, single adults and – with the De Paul Ireland – it jointly manages a homeless family hostel facility.

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Newington was created in 1975 principally in response to the troubles in the Limestone Road area and it has worked vigorously to transform and redevelop this interface area for the benefit of all communities. As times have changed so too has Newington, broadening its role from simply meeting immediate housing need, to meeting wider community need and taking brave steps towards transforming and regenerating communities and resolving interface issues.

The organisation is making a unique contribution to some of the most complex societal divisions and, in doing so, setting a new benchmark for how housing associations can support and encourage tenants and communities to get behind the push for a more peaceful society. In April 2015, Newington Housing Association became part of the Apex Housing Group, led by Apex Housing Association. Newington HA will still retain its independence as a separate Registered Housing Association and be governed by its own Board of Management.

Newington manages homes in North Belfast and through the formal strategic partnership with Apex Housing Association will deliver additional homes throughout North Belfast in the next several years.