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EQUANS UK & Ireland

EQUANS UK & Ireland

EQUANS (part of the BOUYGUES group) provide clients and local residents across UK & Ireland with a range of flexible services, including responsive repairs, call centre provision, facilities management and planned / cyclical maintenance, gas & oil installs, response & servicing plus maintenance and void property solutions.

EQUANS UK & Ireland delivers in excess of 255,000 responsive repairs per annum, encompassing all trades. Providing a 24/7/365 call centre, we respond to over 105,000 calls each year.

Our reputation for outstanding repairs and maintenance services comes from many years of meeting the needs and expectations of the clients and residents that we serve.

In Northern Ireland we have 20+years working with the NIHE providing repairs to over 40,000 homes via 250 EQUANS employees.

Our policy of having a directly employed, local workforce supports local communities and ensures we achieve outstanding levels of ‘first time fix’ and customer satisfaction.