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Clanmil Housing

Clanmil provide high quality, affordable homes for rent throughout Northern Ireland and help facilitate home ownership for people who are not in a position to purchase a home outright.

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Clanmil want to make a positive difference to their tenants’ lives and invest in neighbourhoods to create places where people are proud to live and raise their families and where they can prosper. Their mission is to provide great homes that strengthen communities with services that matter.

Clanmil currently own and manage homes offering a wide range of high-quality housing including:

  • Homes for families and single people;
  • Housing and support for older people;
  • Supported housing for older people with dementia and for people with learning disabilities and mental ill-health;
  • Temporary accommodation for women and their children escaping domestic violence;
  • Housing for Irish Travellers;
  • Supported housing for young people leaving care;
  • Equity share.

As well as a great home, we want our tenants to get the most they can from life and to reach their full potential.  We work with tenants and invest in communities to improve employability and build social capital.

We want each and every tenant to be happy with our services, their home and the place where they live so we continually work to improve our performance and increase levels of customer satisfaction.