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  • NIFHA 2021 Spring Conference
    11th March 2021 - 16th March 2021
    9:00 am - 12:30 pm
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We hope you find this event both informative and enjoyable and look forward to seeing you on the day.

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NIFHA 2021 Spring Conference

NIFHA’s first ever Spring Conference will be ‘coming to your screens‘ on 11th and 16th March 2021!

Join us for one or both mornings to listen in to an excellent range of  global speakers where delegates can join in the q&a sessions. This will be an entertaining and professional digital conference production from which you are sure to leave enthused and informed.

 5 plenary sessions each day


DAY 1: Thurs 11th March 2021

  • Re-orienting society back to engaging with each other 
  • Dr Amy Silver, Psychologist & Author, Australia
  • Where is HA Governance going?
  • Sue Harvey, Partner, Campbell Tickell, England
  • Steve Douglas, CEO, St Mungo’s Housing, England
  • Sharing spaces across tenure, cultures and generations
  • Brendan Sarsfield, CEO, Peabody Housing, England
  • Will Haire, Chair Joseph Rowntree Foundation, N.Ireland
  • Climate Change- how can housing associations have positive impact?
  • Jacqueline Gibson, Sustainability Advisor, Green Papilio Sustainability Solutions, N.Ireland
  • Aoife Kelleher, Corporate Relations Manager, Brave Blue World Foundation, Global
  • FTC- the opportunities for housing associations 
  • David Polley, Director of Housing Supply, DfC, N.Ireland
  • Ann Leslie, CEO, Lar Housing Trust, Scotland

DAY 2: Tues 16th March 2021

  • Social Housing – the brand
  • Conor Dougherty, Journalist (New York Times) & Author, USA
  • Paul Taylor, Innovation Coach, Bromford, England
  • Brendan Mulgrew, Managing Partner, MW Advocate
  • The risks behind the data minefield for housing associations
  • Michael King, Director, Cleaver Fulton Rankin, N.Ireland
  • New Designs for a New World- how covid19 will change the way we live, work and build
  • Sean O’Connor, CEO, Tuath Housing, Rep of Ireland
  • Dr Frances Holliss, Director, Workhome Project, England
  • Building Resilient Communities
  • Cyn D’Souza, CEO, Awawak Walton Housing Association, England
  • Joan Devlin. CEO, Belfast Healthy Cities
  • Let’s Talk.. with the Minister
  • Conference Chair Wendy Austin has a conversation with DfC Minister Deirdre Hargey about refining and re-energising housing supply in N.Ireland in a post-covid era

The event will attract Housing Association Chief Execut ives, Board Members, Senior Management Teams, Housing Teams, Development Teams, HA professional partners from the banking, finance and legal worlds. It will also attract representatives from NIHE and DfC as well as supply partners to the social and affordable housing sector.

An event not to be missed.

Delegate Prices

Two Day Attendance 

Members:  £110 +vat (£131.40)

Associates, NIHE, DfC:  £120 +vat (£144)

Non Members: £135 +vat (£162)

One Day Attendance

(when making booking please indicate specific day (this can be amended if delegate wishes to change day of attendance)

Members:  £65 +vat (£78)

Associates, NIHE, DfC:  £70 +vat (£84)

Non Members:  £80 +vat (£96)

NIFHA greatly appreciates the support of our event Sponsors