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NIFHA concerned at the failure to form NI Executive

This year could have been one of real optimism in the housing association sector. We were emerging from the COVID-19 restrictions, which had seen unprecedented change in the way we lived our lives, and it was quickly recognised that the social housing sector was front and centre in the community helping the most vulnerable people during that very difficult time.  So it is incredibly disheartening that critical housing issues cannot be progressed due to the failure to restore devolved Government.

We’ve had 4 out of the past 6 years without a functioning Executive. Progress has stalled. Social housing waiting lists continue to grow and critical new policy to address the housing system cannot be implemented.  In a recent article for Campbell Tickell, Patrick Thompson, Interim Chief Executive at NIFHA wrote that housing policy has been frozen in time, and now we will see further delay as we wait for details of the Secretary of State’s plan to restore devolved government.

Read the article in full here – NIFHA – CT Brief 62 – Ireland Final (