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Supporting People Three Year Draft Strategic Plan and COVID-19 Recovery Plan 2022-2025

The Supporting People Programme in Northern Ireland is focused on four thematic areas; working with people who are experiencing homelessness, young people, older people and people with a disability including mental health and learning disabilities. Over 19,000 people are supported to live independently each year.

This strategy seeks to implement the Supporting People Programme in NI  through facilitating and delivering high quality housing support and independent living to those most in need, while making best use of the available funding.

This vision, and the growing importance of the services that it envisages, are all the more relevant given the new challenges that have emerged during the COVID-19 crisis, including the differential impact of the virus on vulnerable people and groups.

To view the full consultation responses from NIFHA and CRISPP click on the links below:

NIFHA’s Response
CRISPP’s Response