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Draft Consultation Proposals for amendment to Technical Booklet Guidance to Part F NIFHA

The Department of Finance (DoF) is consulting on the uplift to standards of Part F of the Building Regulations. This consultation is intended as an interim step and to provide a more robust application of Regulation 43B (Nearly zero-energy requirements for new buildings).

DoF proposals is to uplift guidance on energy efficiency and carbon performance requirements for new buildings.

Three options are considered:

  • Option 1: do nothing
  • Option 2: a 25% betterment of the current emission targets for all new dwellings and a 15% betterment for new buildings other than dwellings; and
  • Option 3: a 40% betterment for new houses, and 25% for new flats and 15% for new buildings other than dwellings

Option 2 and 3 also propose improved minimum standards for building fabric and encourage more air-tightness testing. Further proposals, to consider updated methodologies and software currently under consideration in other regions, are expected to follow in subsequent phases.

Submissions will inform the development of final policy proposals prior to the DoF Minister bringing this forward for consideration by the NI Executive and assembly.

To view the full draft consultation response download here