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Vote Team HAIP for REGIOSTARS Award

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The Chartered Institute of Housing Award winning HAIP is a unique initiative working with 1000 beneficiaries, building good relations and community cohesion in Northern Ireland and the border regions of Ireland. It epitomises a new, innovative way of collaborative working within the social housing sector, bringing together social housing providers and residents from a range of background to share experiences, learn about difference and embrace diversity in the communities in which they live.

They are now up for a REGIOSTARS Award.

The REGIOSTARS Awards are a yearly competition, organised by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy. It aims at identifying good practices in regional development and highlighting innovative, EU-funded projects, which could be attractive and inspiring to other regions and project managers


  • Voting is open until 9 July.
  • No registration / personal details is required to cast a vote.
  • To vote, visit the website HERE and scroll to find the project in the relevant category – in this case its Urban Development.
  • Once you find the project click the heart shaped icon on the right of the project. You will only be able to click on it the once.
  • Unfortunately there is no direct link to vote for the project, people will have to scroll down the category to find it.
  • After 9 July only five finalists from each category will be submitted for a final decision.