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Clanmil plants 1,400 native trees in one week

Northern Ireland housing association, Clanmil Housing Group, is partnering with the Trees on the Land charity to plant 1,400 trees in neighbourhoods across Northern Ireland over the next week.
group of people from Clanmil Housing with a tree they are planting

Trees on the Land is a cross-border project that provides landowners throughout Ireland with native trees to plant on their land.  The vision is to establish tree cover and woodland in rural and urban areas that will grow for many years, providing valuable resources and benefiting the environment.

With 1,400 trees being planted at 25 of its housing developments, Clanmil is undertaking one of the largest planting projects in Northern Ireland under the Trees on the Land programme.

 This initiative relies on donations from the public and sponsorship from businesses to provide and distribute the trees.  The trees planted by Clanmil have been kindly sponsored by online jeweler, My Irish Jeweler.

Volunteers drawn from the Clanmil team, people who live at the neighbourhoods involved, and pupils from local schools will plant a mix of Sessile Oak, Common Alder, Downy Birch, Hazel, Hawthorn, Rowan and Scots Pine along with 120 apple, pear, plum and damson trees.

The trees will provide valuable services for the communities where they are planted.  They will absorb carbon dioxide and other air pollutants as they grow, playing a vital role in regulating air quality. They will soak up excess rainwater and provide shelter while supporting local wildlife. The fruit trees will also provide fresh fruit for people to enjoy.

NIFHA deputy chief executive Patrick Thompson digs in!

NIFHA deputy chief executive Patrick Thompson digs in, planting a tree in memory of his late grandmother who lived in this neighbourhood.

Tim O’Malley, Community Development Manager at Clanmil explained why the housing association is involved:

“At Clanmil we are committed to working towards a greener future that promotes long-term sustainability and wellbeing, and that is why we are so pleased to be part of the fantastic Trees on the Land initiative. As well as the many important environmental benefits of trees, they bring beauty and tranquility to neighbourhoods, particularly in urban areas, and help make them good places to live.”

Linzi Webb, Clanmil Good Relations Officer is co-ordinating the tree planting.  She said:

“We are delighted with how people have really connected with this project. One of our tenants has got involved because he wants to plant a tree for each of his grandchildren. Another volunteer is taking part because he wants to plant a tree in memory of his late grandmother who used to live at one of the housing developments where the planting is taking place. Others simply want to help leave a lasting legacy for future generations.”

Imogen Rabon of Trees on the Land said:

“We are absolutely delighted to be planting trees with Clanmil this season. They have worked so hard to get everything organised for the tree planting days and I hope the trees will give great pleasure to all of the communities involved.

“I’d like to thank everyone taking part – the Clanmil team, the residents and our brilliant sponsors My Irish Jeweler for supporting this vibrant and forward thinking community tree planting project.”