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Housing Executive Community Involvement Strategy 2018-2023

The Housing Executive’s Community Involvement Strategy 2018-2023 sets out how community representatives across NI can #GetInvolved in shaping their services.
People standing with a booklet in front of Housing Executive roll up

The ‘Inspiring Communities, Shaping Our Services’ Community Involvement Strategy aims to empower residents, tenants and leaseholders in Housing Executive estates to make a difference in their community.

A key success from our previous Community Involvement Strategy was including tenants in the review of the maintenance services we provide. Their recommendations led to changes in the repair appointment system so it is easier for tenants to select a suitable time for a workman to call out to their home.

At the launch event, Colm McQuillan, our Director of Housing Services, said:

“This strategy sets out our commitment to continue to empower and enable the communities we serve to make where they live better for everyone.

 “We want to encourage people from all backgrounds to share their views with us so we can refine the services that we provide to meet their needs.

 “We believe that by involving local people in decision-making, providing them with support and listening to their views we can build stronger communities across Northern Ireland.”

If you would like to find out how we can support your community please ring 028 9598 3263 or email

Watch our video to see how we have helped communities across Northern Ireland.

Click image to access the Strategy document.

 To find out how the Housing Executive can support your community please ring 028 9598 3263 or email Naoimh.McArdleMcfall@NIHE.GOV.UK