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Have your say on the Northern Ireland Budgetary Outlook 2018-20

The Department of Finance has published a Briefing on Northern Ireland Budgetary Outlook 2018-20.

This is a detailed document which covers expenditure across all NI Executive departments and is accompanied by a template document in which to set out your feedback.

The various scenarios will have impacts on both housing associations directly and your tenants.

NIFHA is keen to submit a response and would therefore welcome your input by email before 3pm on Wednesday, 24th January.

While we have a clear idea of ongoing issues, it is always useful to seek additional input from our members.

Please fill in whichever sections of the feedback document you feel are relevant to you and your association.

If you wish to submit your feedback direct to the department as well, please do so by email before 5pm on Friday, 26th January.