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Applying for Housing Benefit Online

NIHE have introduced the ability to apply for Housing Benefit directly.

The link is on the main NIHE homepage and the NIHE is asking housing associations to contact members and stress the benefits of applying online. ”

The public are already using the Online option and uptake has been increasing quickly and steadily”, Simon Gardner of NIHE’s Housing Benefit Policy Unit told NIFHA this week

The HB Online form is safe, secure and accessible 24/7, is compatible with all Desktop/laptop and tablet browsers.

The form allows tenants or their families to complete the form in the comfort of their own home.

They can scan evidence and attach it to the form with a very simple process before submitting it directly into NIHE’s HB system (no emailing) which speeds up the assessment process and removes the risk of lost post.

“We would also like to encourage Housing Association Housing Officers to use the online facilities when completing HB applications or signing up new tenants,” Mr Gardner added. “They can complete the process on behalf of the tenant and then add their details on the declaration page before submitting the form,” he explained. “Some housing associations are already using the online form with great success.”

Please let your tenants know about the the HB online form. If you are sharing this on your website and/or social media and would like assistance with creating hyperlinks etc, ring Sue Doherty at NIFHA on 02890 897697.